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The 7th China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference (7th CICOCC) had been held successfully from Sept 19, 2014 in Nanjing. Over 50 contract awarding enterprises from various countries and regions such as U.S., UK, Germany, Korea, Singapore bring service outsourcing projects in various fields such as industry engineering design, finance, new energy, supply chain, human resources and call center to this Symposium. Average value of contract awarding of various projects reaches more than USD 5 million. There are 16 enterprises whose value of contract issuing exceeds USD 10 million, accounting for 36% of total contract awarding enterprises; foreign contract issuing enterprises accounts for 80% of total contract issuing enterprises present in Symposium. Besides enterprises from overseas market such as U.S. and Europe, it is the first time for enterprises from Iran, Austria and Luxembourg, etc to award contract to Nanjing enterprises, reflecting offshore outsourcing market is remarkably increased. In this Symposium, many enterprises reach an agreement on contract awarding and execution business, investment and joint development of overseas market, with intention value about USD 320 million.